Earth-108 is dominated by the Crimson Hegemony and its mysterious leader who secretly masterminding and financing Captain Shazam's campaign to conquer the entire Earth. Here you can learn more about the mini-state and its denizens. Note that Earth-108 is considered to be accommodated towards the Greater Omniverse as we allow players to roll their characters in.

Crimson Hegemony

Empress Yuna Moon of Florania

The empress is said to be a deity who can take incorporeal or ghostlike form. She was originally the princess of Florania, the Land of Flowers, which had been conquered by the Emperor Ken who took her in as his wife. Her powers are occultism and spellcasting. She is known for her beauty as well as her ruthless demeanor.

Emperor Ken Ares Maximus IX

The emperor is a living god and a made-man singularity. Many say that he literally generates all of reality as he walks or passes by. He is the founder of Crimson Hegemony after many successful campaigns spent conquering worlds of the Omniverse. He has the power to do anything and has few limits.

Senator Khaniel Sentius XX88

The senator is the most powerful oligarch in the entire Crimson Hegemony's leadership structure. He serves as a right hand man to the emperor and has recently been named as "Eternal Senator" which makes him the most powerful machine user in existence according to some within the Greater Omniverse.

Crimson Army

Crimson Romancers

The Empress can deploy a squad of spellcasters who are trained in the art of diplomacy for negotiations or annexation.

Crimson Machine

The Emperor's machine that can plunder entire cities and take on even vessels and vehicles such as destroyers.

Blackened Knights

The Senator's personal guards who predate the Crimson Hegemony. They are assassins who can commit espionage and sabotage.

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