The Kingdom, also known as Earth-072 is said to be the place of our alternate universe Captain Shazam. It is a fortress world that has been almost entirely united under Metal O'Maniac's career long escapades as a space faring colonel in the legions of our highly mysterious Shazam.

Bajal is a relatively young cosmic conqueror who resides within the reaches of The Kingdom/Earth-072. He was raised in part by Metal O'Maniac himself, who treats him like a half-son, having given him, Bajal, the title of "Sentius" meaning "First Sentry" of our Shazam.

Erica Sato is an artificial intelligence interfacer who can takeover other forms and even manifest under the right conditions. Though she mostly works with Bajal under Metal O'Maniac as an "Eye of Horus" for The Kingdom/Earth-072, doing paperwork and logistics, she can also play "Yuna".

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