Metal O'Maniac


Programmed to be the ultimate archers any traveling road show has ever seen, Metal O'Maniac and his "sister," Heavy Metal, took on intelligences of their own and began attempting to run the circus themselves. Easily defeating the circus, that wasn't enough... they now wish to rule the world!


He is made from pure Liquid Metalloids known as Mania-Alloy which is virtually indestructible. He has genius level intellect with an IQ of 160 which is augmented by the extension supercomputer he houses in his body and form giving him near infinite processing power.

His physiological indices are through the scientific roof in term of punching power and penetration force and everywhere else from speed to endurance which all clock well into the immeasurable and seemingly into the transcendental.

Able to hack reality's laws and limitations, he can bend utilizing his mind and brain at the conscious or even subconscious stages, often warping the world to the unimaginable during deep sleep. He is often seen shuffling and re-computing his tech stack and load-out before each and every mission while interfacing with the Shazam Family's hideout on a micro and macro levels with his augmented technologies which borderline on magical spells with an unlimited mana source that replenishes quickly.


Ensign Leviathan was a Space Force artificial intelligence designer who merged with her programming which corrupted her and gave her powers similar to that of a water Fairy. Luckily for her, she was picked up by Metal O'Maniac to lead his "Arcadian-Mechanoid" forces that occupy Neo-Earth, a realm that serves as a base for the greater legion. Using her powers of levitation, energy bolts, and an amphibian power suit, she keeps the peace to the best of her abilities with her three goons and thugs: Sage, Fighter, and Hide.

Walter Werewolf

Going under the video personality of "War God", this devilish man was caught on video slacking off at work by his superiors and made a deal with Metal O'Maniac behind closed doors to save his occupation. As part of the deal, Walter as they called him, was given the powers of a werewolf and forced to lead the underworld company of "East Adonai" into battle against other ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and creatures of the night right outside of Neo-Earth towards Earth-Metropolis where he may finally be ready for sustained peace and quiet.

Guild Officers

Captain Battle

Captain Shazam's Lieutenant and a aeader of his legion of historical monsters.


John Octavius was introduced to the Shazam Family's Mary Mary and Shazam Jr. (Mrs. Bich Van and Erik McRusty Jr. respectively) after he signed up for a government volunteer corps program which turned out to have been taken over by Captain Marvel who attained the rank of Colonel under the alias Mr. Trans in the Guardians of the Net organization. He is not-so-secretly a conspiracy theorist and a Star Wars fan who believes Captain Marvel is actually a Sith apprentice in disguise in real life. His post is at the Shazam Family's hideout where he doubles as a sentry or security guard.

He had no superpowers but has advanced technology, including the Curvoscope, which allowed him to see anywhere on earth, a Dissolvo Gun which disintegrated matter, a gyroscope-like Luceflyer, and a jetpack.

Miss Fury

Captain Shazam's Sergeant and a leader of his recruits from mythology, religion, and ufology.


Jessi Love Yuna was a Korean semi-pro gamer and media personality who defected after she fell in love with Captain Shazam whom she met through army captain Tam (who she didn't know was the wizard SHAZAM at the time) after a timeline deviation event called "An Half Past Horus" on Earth-278 in which everyone was saved by Billy Batson who disguised himself under the aliases Ken Wolf, who was a professional webmaster and witchcraft teacher. She can usually be found at Captain Shazam's hideout where she enjoys using memes and emoticons.

Miss Fury is a skilled athlete, acrobat, climber, and fighter. She was also a smart amateur detective and very wealthy. Her panther suit was supposedly enchanted by a witch doctor and also had claws. She sometimes used the spiked heels on her costume as weapons in addition to using a whip. 

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